TOP Secret Project #01

Client: Localsoft, S.L.
Dates: March 2012 – October 2012
Service: Localisation
Source Language: English
Target Language: Polish


Tasks Performed:


– Localisation of hardware manual, guidelines, warranties, info leaflets, accessories’ manuals.
– Terminology glossary creation and revision.


One of our translators was delegated to support our Client in Málaga for an in-house localisation project. Together with another translator he was responsible for the Polish localisation of the product.




I have had the pleasure to work with Adrian during 7 months. He is a very competent, professional and reliable person. He has a near-native command of English and great knowledge of the translation & localisation industry. I hope to be able to collaborate again with him in the future!

Christer Heljestrand
CEO of ca translations


I had the opportunity to work with Adrian for a 7 months in-house project and I truly appreciate all he was able to achieve. Adrian is a highly energetic professional who adds tremendous value to a project. Adrian is a reliable, proactive professional and delivers results. He is very dedicated and has a very strong technical understanding. I would recommend him to anyone.

Thomas Lemesle
Project Manager at Localsoft, S.L.


I gladly recommend Adrian to anyone who is in need of a Polish translation professional. He is dedicated to his work and doesn’t shy away from going the extra mile if it improves the quality. His attention to detail makes his translations stand out above those of others. He is also very knowledgeable about video games and the localisation industry. I would gladly collaborate with him in the future, because he is one of the most reliable people I know.

Ruben Somsen
Translator at Localsoft, S.L.


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