TOP Secret Project #02

Client: Localsoft, S.L.
Dates: June 2013 – July 2013
Service: Localisation
Source Language: English
Target Language: Polish


Tasks Performed:


– Localisation of hardware manual, guidelines, warranties, info leaflets, accessories’ manuals.
– Terminology glossary creation and revision.


One of our translators was delegated to support our Client in Málaga for an in-house localisation project. Together with another translator he was responsible for the Polish localisation of the product.




I had the opportunity to work with Adrian Hołojuch on a high-profile hardware localisation project for a period of one month. During that time, Adrian has proven to be a detail-oriented, conscientious and highly professional translator/proofreader with more than adequate linguistic competence and a specialized knowledge of the localisation industry. I would recommend Adrian to anyone seeking reliable translation services in the field.

Andrzej Oleszak
Translator at Localsoft, S.L.

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