Client: Electronic Arts
Dates: July 2013 – August 2013
Service: Localisation Testing
Language: Polish
Platform: PlayStation 2


Tasks Performed:


– Testing AAA video game content localised into Polish
– Reporting and solving localisation issues
– Working in a multicultural team
– Working with multiple tools

One of our translators was delegated to support the EA localisation department in Madrid for an in-house project. He was responsible for the PS2 version of FIFA 14 localised into Polish.




Adrian took part in EA Campus in Madrid in 2013 and successfully completed the program passing the exams. During the whole process, he showed commitment and interest. He also provided useful feedback based on his experience in order to improve the program in the future. Adrian also took advantage of his translation background and demonstrated being a good asset for the localisation testing department he joined after EA Campus as a LT Polish tester. If you are looking for a real professional with deep knowledge, this is your guy.

Laurent Gabas
Assistant International Project Manager

at Electronic Arts


Adrian did an outstanding job during the project. His meticulous and inquisitive nature and his experience as a video game translator make him an excellent localisation tester. Thanks to his exceptionally keen eye for details he was able to spot issues that many other testers very often overlooked. Of course it goes without saying that Adrian is a great team worker. He provided constant support to the team, sharing his knowledge with less experienced colleagues. I wouldn’t think twice about my decision if I had an opportunity to work with Adrian again.

Radosław Jakubiak
Video Game Translator


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